how to get there.
by car, train, plane, and on walk. . .

HOW TO REACH AED   Livorno Via Glauco Masi 7 (on the navigator put the number 3) we're next to RAILWAY STATION

how to reach us:


five minutes walk from the tracks, take the underpass by Masi exit go left for 200 meters

(see signpost white) we are just after the Post Office (see blue signs AED and Market Area)


a few hundred meters from the A12 higway and the FI-PI-LI for "Livorno center"

before the flyover at the junction go right first and then left to go under the overpass.

Our office is on the left after 100 meters (see blue signs AED and Market Area)


only 18 kilometers from Pisa Galilei Airport then by train or taxi to Livorno

(the train station is inside the airport)



 A.E.D. Associazione Europea Danza
Tel. +39-0586-410825 -