How to join ?

can join the A.E.D.
individuals or association

THE INDIVIDUALS can join the A .E.D. by filling out the form at the bottom of the page and paying the annual membership fee of 10 . Receive all the news about the various initiatives of the association and parecipate .

SCHOOL OF DANCE constituted in the form of cultural associations and associations sports can join the A .E.D. for the year 2013/2014. The membership fee is set at 100 ; the cost of the cards for students (including insurance with Cattolica Assicurazioni ) is 10 Euros . Applications for membership should be addressed to AED by fax +39-0586-343111 or e- mail: aed@dancenews.it and must record the teacher's curriculum .
Accession implies the willingness to participate in at least one training activity among those scheduled annually for teachers and students .

The creation of an international network led to a series of advantages , first of all , in our opinion , the satisfaction of working in a network with professionals
share the same passion for dance. The A.E.D. in 1992 undertook
a journey that has allowed it to become a Higher Education Institution
Accredited by the Tuscany Region . Provides assistance to member schools
for the design and delivery of training courses , assistance
for the design and delivery of projects funded by the European Community ,
consultancy in the field of organizational, legal and tax associations
cultural partnerships in the promotion of initiatives, a network of teachers clear
reputation for the organization of workshops . It will also be possible to carry out tests end of school year at its headquarters and affiliated schools will
incentives for participation in workshops , competitions, exhibitions
organized by the AED assistance for overcoming the auditions of its own
students, advice in searching for scholarships for their students . the
vocational qualification which covers both courses of specialization and
certificates will be issued as usual by the Region of Tuscany . will
also designed and implemented training courses and further education
for teachers with famous professors (such as seminars on
Teaching at the Royal Ballet School ) , travel in Italy and abroad to promote
cultural exchanges with institutions of international prestige , conferences
and moments of documentation and study, production of shows , and more

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TUSCANY: The town of Livorno

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Info: A.E.D. Associazione Europea Danza
Tel. +39-0586-410825 - aed@dancenews.it